Total Taiwan Teamwork

In September 2018, toward the end of a business trip in Taiwan, I joined several of my American and Taiwanese co-workers on a big group ride to scenic Sun Moon Lake- one of Taiwan’s top tourist destinations. 

As we headed back, I was slowing everyone else down, so they reluctantly agreed to split up and went ahead without me.  After hours of riding and climbing in the mountains, I developed the worst leg cramps I have ever experienced.  An hour or so after I split from the group, I simply could not turn the pedals and sat down, writhing in pain on the side of the road.  I limped to a busy street corner, and began looking for a taxi to get back to the hotel- perhaps 10 miles away at this point.  Then a lady came over and asked if I was hurt.  She ended up staying with me for at least 20 minutes, first trying to flag a taxi down, and then called one that could fit my bike.  Next, 2 policemen came by, stretched my legs and waited until the taxi arrived to be sure I was ok.  No one spoke much English but knew enough to communicate.

If that’s not enough, an older lady came out of the small shop I was in front of and invited me into her home to rest in a chair!  There are just amazing people in Taiwan!  I thanked them all as best I could, but what a cool experience that resulted!  This is why I never worry about doing long crazy rides.  No matter where you are, there are good people everywhere!

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