24 Hours in a Roundabout

Thank you for the incredible support! The scene at the finish from my fellow SRAMmies, family & friends, and the Prairie View neighborhood was far beyond what I had envisioned! 

Here are the final results: 376.4 miles; 3065 laps, + 1 victory lap- on a Buffalo Bike of course!; 110,000 pedal strokes; and most importantly Changing Lives through The Power of Bicycles! 

I am so thankful for everyone who came out, especially all the kids who heard the message- “if I can do it, anyone can!”  It’s true.

Strava 24 hours in a roundabout

Press coverage- here is just some of the news coverage of the Roundabout Ride:


USA Today

GCN (see 13:30 mark)

Indy Star

Hamilton County newspaper

Bike Rumor Picture of the Day

A more detailed write up is coming- check back soon!


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