Buffalo Bike World Tour

The ultimate bike ride? To circumnavigate the world seems obvious. It’s been done- in record time by Mark Beaumont (I joined him for 1 day!), and by many others. But on a Buffalo Bike?!

Around the World to Change the World

The BBWT doesn’t exactly follow the Guinness World Record rules for global circumnavigation by bike. But since it’s not a record attempt, I have taken some liberties. The planned route doesn’t go continuously in one direction, going as much north to south as it does west to east. It does contain 2 anti-podal points- on the Big Island of Hawaii and not far from WBR facilities in Zambia. The total distance of approximately 20,300 miles (32,700km) exceeds the earth’s circumference at the equator of 18,000 miles.

To make the Buffalo Bike World Tour happen will require 4 ocean crossings, detailed route planning, determining resupply and maintenance stops, and more. All of which will require fundraising for the main costs (crossings between continents). The ultimate goal of the BBWT is 3 fold: 1- raise enough funds for 1000 Buffalo Bikes, 2- bring awareness to WBR and global needs in general, and 3- inspire others to tackle big challenges.

Will you consider helping Dave make the Buffalo Bike World Tour a reality?

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