Pedal to Empower 2021

Pedal to Empower 2021 is in the books. WBR’s annual fundraising ride to empower women and girls takes place on June 5. A new year brings a new challenge, so for 2021- how far can I ride (without sleep)? The chosen route- my home state of Ohio on the Ohio to Erie Trail (Lake Erie to the Ohio River) and beyond! How far can you go- when there is no finish line?

Welcome to Why I Ride


Welcome to Why I Ride– Dave Schweikert’s home for endurance bicycling rides that support and raise funds for World Bicycle Relief.  (click the link to donate!)

Recent Rides

In spite of the global pandemic, 2020 was an amazing year featuring many miles (17,000!) of roundabouts and rivers, mountain climbs and majestic sunrises, and more.  Subscribe to the Why I Ride YouTube Channel to see videos from some of the many places the bike carried Dave last year!

Tour de Roundabouts 2020our first attempt at a video, so please forgive the lack of music!  For the 2nd year in a row- GCN featured Dave’s Roundabout Ride!  See the 14:40 mark here.

Parkway Tour 2020: Part I and Part II riding the Blue Ridge, Foothills, and Natchez Trace Parkways, culminating in a lifetime crossing of the US North to South

River Tour 2020Christmas vacation and more riding the Ohio & Mississippi Rivers

2019 was a record breaking year: a wacky though unofficial world record, and then joining 24 other incredible athletes to set a Guinness World Record!

2019 People for Bikes’ Guinness World Record Ride

Guinness World Record listing

Breaking History episode

2019’s Record Roundabout Ride

ZippCast podcast

Future plans-

Future rides are always in the planning stages, plus we’re always looking for crazy ultracycling ideas to engage the community and help others.  Contact us or click on Future Rides above to learn more.

The “Why”

Click on Our Story above to learn more about Why I Ride and how this site came to be.

World Bicycle Relief is an organization that provides access to independence and livelihood through The Power of Bicycles.  The money raised helps provide specially designed, locally assembled bicycles to students, healthcare workers and entrepreneurs in rural Africa; connecting them with education, healthcare and economic opportunities.


Click here to learn more about some of the great companies and people that support World Bicycle Relief and Why I Ride, including SRAM, Zipp, ClifBar, Lezyne, and more.

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