Gear for Endurance rides

Having the right equipment is absolutely crucial when you’re pushing your personal limits of endurance. There’s enough to think about on the ride itself, that the bike and every component has to simply work.

Here are some of the products I use, and why:

Clif Bar: Long before they supported my endurance rides, I was a Clif customer and user. I find the variety of energy foods both effective and perhaps even more important- palatable, even after long hours in the saddle.

Ride with GPS: all routes are mapped via the site.  See them all at:

Hammer Nutrition: I’m now using Hammer for hydration and am glad I switched from Gatorade;

Garmin: my main cycling computer is an Edge 1000 for mapping and data, and when riding in traffic, I now use a Varia radar to provide warning of overtaking vehicles.

Cygolite & Lezyne headlights: I’m extremely happy with both.  While they don’t officially support WBR or my rides, their service and products are outstanding.  I currently use a Lezyne Deca Drive 1500I and a Cygolite Dash 600 as my main and back-up headlights, plus a Cygolite Dice 150 for daytime visibility. For taillights, I use a variety of models and manufacturers.

Speedplay pedals: another product I’ve used for years: Syzr’s for most endurance rides to allow for walking when off the bike, and Zeros for pure road cycling;

Bags: I mostly use Revelate Designs, but there are many great providers out there, and I’m always on the look for effective, light weight designs. Bags are easy to overlook- quick access to food and suppliers, and secure attachment to the bike are factors to consider.

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